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    What We Do

    Fosda over the years has been engaged in advocacy works and youth developmental projects.

    We understand the complexity and the interrelatedness of both old and new security threats people are currently faced with and the impact of such threats on society as root causes of violence. Recent threats such as the COVID-19 global pandemic and the Russia invasion of Ukraine among others clearly underpins the
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    FOSDA shares the view that peace and security cannot be attained in an unequal world and society. We therefore work to bridge the gender equality and inclusion gap through empowering women and people living with disability politically and economically, promoting their participation in decision making at all levels.
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    FOSDA since its establishment has contributed to the culture of good governance focusing attention on security issues and the implications for marginalized groups, including women and young people. FOSDA duly recognize the crucial roles these group can play in the decision-making processes.
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    The FOSDA Agenda

    About Us

    Fosda over the years has been engaged in advocacy works and youth developmental projects.

    Who We Are

    FOSDA is an International NGO driven by the passion to create a more stable and safer Africa for its citizens.   We work to mitigate the factors that threaten the basic security of the people and communities we work with using human-centered and integrated approaches to security

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    Our Activities

    Some excerpts from Our events, projects, and activities.


    Our Beneficiaries Say

    What beneficiaries from Fosda projects and activities say on the impact of Fosda’s work. 


    Our News

    News articles from Fosda and beyond on issues affecting human security, peace, and gender.

    Support For Female Parliamentary Candidates
    04 June 2019
    In an attempt to walk the talk on the need to support female parliamentary candidates for the 2012 Parliamentary...
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