The National Peace Council of Ghana (NPC) is making significant strides to implement the
Second Ghana National Action Plan (GHANAP2) on the UN Security Council Resolution 1325
(UNSCR 1325).

As a key stakeholder to the Participation Pillar of the National Plan, the NPC has established
a Gender Desk to lead the gender equality efforts of the Council. The Council has also made
great efforts to increase the number of female members of the Council at the national and
regional level in recent times. At the National level, Female representation has increased
from one to three members representing a 300% percent increment.

The regional level has seen an increase of 20% in the representation of women. Currently
the regional councils have in total of 41 members female members from 34 just about a year

This increment of the participation of women in the NPC is a significant feat especially
because the Nation Peace Council Act 2011 (Act 818), which set up the institution is not
gender equality friendly in the constitution of the Member of the councils. Despite this key
challenge the NPC is finding ways to include more women in tandem with GHANAP 2

The National Peace Council which is a Category B member of GHANAP also has its fair share
of challenges in implementing GHANAP 2. The NPC also has some peculiar challenges
beyond funding in its effort to implement GHANAP2 and will need more support from
stakeholder to accomplish the task.

More needs to be done to achieve the Pillar 1 objective “Increased levels of women’s
leadership and participation in decision making processes on WPS issues”.

We cheer the NPC on and encourage them to adopt intentional and innovative strategies to
achieve GHANAP 2

FOSDA as part of the Plan International Women Voices Leadership project is monitoring the
implementation of GHANAP 2. This is a CSO effort to ensure the full implementation of the
National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325 by 2025.

Watch out for the full monitoring report