On 26th April 2023, FOSDA participated in a highly level meeting aimed at improving the relationship and collaboration between civilians and the security agencies in Ghana. The meeting was justly organised by the National Peace Council in collaboration with the Catholic Relief Services.

The key focus of the meeting was improving the relation between civilians and the security forces as part of the collective effort to fight against violent extremism and terrorism Ghana.  The meeting discussed the many reasons why there is minimal trust between citizens and the security agencies.  These include lack of civilian understanding of the mandate and actions of the security agencies, training gaps, corruption in the public service in general among many others.

FOSDA as are representation of civil society and citizens in general called for more education and sensitisation of citizens on the mandate and actions of the security services.

In addition. we urge the security agencies to communicate and share information with citizens to improve the relationship and collaboration. FOSDA also call a review of the training of security agents that will promote more professionalism among the forces and a more friendly approach to relating with citizens.

The meeting also  the security sector to increasing deploy technology in their services and dealing with citizens to minimise corruption. Citizen are also urged to report the grievances and inappropriate treatments to established complaint systems like PIPs. 

We urge the Government of Ghana to improves resource allocated to the security agencies to improve the level of Trust among citizens for the security agencies.