In September 2021, FOSDA officially launched its flagship youth development Project dubbed ‘Daakye’ Youth Leadership Training Project. The objective of ‘Daakye’ is ‘to nurture the leadership capabilities of the next generation of Ghanaian and African Leaders and equip them with the right skill set for leadership across all sectors’.
At FOSDA, we are keen on contributing to the peace and security of Ghana by promoting good governance and democracy built on the ideals of development-focused leadership. We are therefore targeting young people as the next generation of leaders, shaping their mindset and supporting them to develop the right leadership skill set for the development of Ghana and Africa.
‘Daakye Careers is designed to support our young leaders and more to acquire the right knowledge, information and capacity to choose the right career and maintain a job.
This is crucial as job search and maintenance has become very competitive in a post-pandemic situation and ever-rising youth unemployment rates.