FOSDA participates in Roundtable Discussion on Ghana’s IMF Programme and Its Implications on Public Basic Education organize by African Education Watch. As an organization working to promote human security through advocacy for pro poor policies, we are sudden to learn that the 2023 Budget which is the including budget into the IMF Programme saw the worst resource allocation to education sector including TVET. We have observed that for the first time in two decades, on 12.9% of 2023 budgeted expenditure was allocated to education. This is for below the UNESCO 15% minimum benchmark.
These expenditures cut have dire implications on both educational access and quality leading to low human capital development. We call on the government to ensure that whatever the case in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiations, the educational hopes of the poor and vulnerable are not sacrificed.
We support the urgent call on the need for government to protect education funding in this period, and take steps to uncap the GETFund.