The Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Team responsible for the oversight of the Volunteer Cooperation Programme (VCP) visited FOSDA on Thursday 26th January, 2023. The Team was led by VCP Programme Cordinator for Africa Andrean Cloutier. She was joined by OXFAM Ghana’s VCP lead, M&E and Gender Volunteers.
The objective of the meeting was to share FOSDA’s VCP projects results, lessons learnt and next steps. The FOSDA team shared success stories and progress on the implementation of 3 key projects since 2020.
On COVID-19 Relief Interventions in 2020:
FOSDA shared results on the distribution of food items and PPEs directly to 880 families which indirectly benefited over 1,333 people. The presentation also highlighted on the provision of education on tips for preventing COVID-19 infections in 8 communities.
On the Action Research on the Impact of Women and Vulnerable groups in 2021
FOSDA highlighted on the 5-point advocacy plan that emerged from the research findings which has led to the implementation of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) project due to impact of COVID-19 on youth business. FOSDA also shared the stories of how the Nanton District has developed PWD database which occasioned the intervention of individuals come to the aid of Hanan (PWD) and provided a wheelchair to aid his education.
Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) in 2022
Under this intervention FOSDA shared its results on the 18 Youth entrepreneurs who have been trained in Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Business Modelling, Business Management for Growth, Financial Management, Digital Literacy and Marketing and Pitch Deck. In addition, 15 Youth Entrepreneurs have developed business strategic plans to guide their business growth process for the year 2023.
The key lessons for FOSDA were the partnerships with Youth Networks, CSOs and state actors which has largely contributed to the successes chalked. Also was the inclusion of PWD who
FOSDA’s next steps on the VCP envisioned programs related to intensifying and expanding the YES project, continuing with PWD inclusion and collaborating with Youth Networks in developing tech solutions to address problems that young people face in their self-development process.
Overall, FOSDA noted that the VCP intertwines with its strategic plan objective on institutional strengthening and as such is looking forward to further build capacity for Fundraising, MEAL, Youth Activism, Gender and Safeguarding.