The Foundation For Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) congratulates the Ghana police for its swift response to the ‘viral audio tape making serious allegation against the police’. FOSDA is of the view that such swift response by the police will go a long way to restore public trust in the police service. It is important that such swiftness is extended to all other emerging issues to deepen public trust and cooperation.
We also appeal to the general public to desist from circulating a misinformation or disinformation and safeguard the peace and stability of Mother Ghana. Granted that, article 21(1a) of the 1992 constitution grants free speeches, It is the duty and responsibility of all citizens to ensure their public utterances, especially on social media, promotes peace, stability and development, Don’t hide behind social media to create fear and panic among the population. You will be exposed.

Kudos, to the Ghana Police Service.