FOSDA’s media monitoring of violent incidents in Ghana has recorded a declining trend of cases from August to October 2022.

Out of a total of one hundred and twenty-five (125) cases recorded, the monthly breakdown shows a total of 52 cases were recorded in August. This reduced to 44 cases in September and then 29 cases in October representing 15% and 34% rate of reduction compared to the base month of August.

During the monitoring period, the Bono East Region was the most peaceful with no case recorded.

The outcome of the monitoring shows that physical violence topped the list with 71 cases, representing 57%. This is followed by thirty-five (35) cases of gun related violence representing 28%. There were 6 cases of Sexual violence representing 6%. These 3 categories of violence contributed a total 112 cases representing 90% of the total incidents recorded. The remaining i.e psychological violence – 5 cases, Economic violence – 3 cases, social violence – 3 cases and political violence – 2 cases together contributed 13 cases of violence representing 10% of total violence recorded.

Once again, Ashanti region topped the regional chart with 29 incidents representing 23% of total incidents. In the previous monitoring i.e June-July, Ashanti region recorded 24 violent incidents representing 28% of a total 86 incidents. This has reduced by 5% when a relative comparison is made.  Second on the list is Central region (23) incidents representing 18%. Greater Accra recorded 18 incidents representing 14%. Eastern region recorded 14 incidents representing 11%.

Physical violence, the most occurring violent incident, occurred in 13 out of the 16 regions while the second most occurring incident gun violence occurred in 11 regions.

The above data in this report emanates from FOSDA’s monitoring exercise of 10 major media outlets in Ghana, covering both online and newspaper sources.

Please find the full report below