Today, The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) Joins the world to   celebrate the International Day of Peace to uphold the ideals of peace.

 This year’s theme; ‘End racism. Build Peace’.  FOSDA acknowledges that stereotyping, marginilisation and exclusion of vulnerable people in society escalates inequalities and threatens human security and peace.

FOSDA calls for the promotion of diversity in the African peacebuilding process. We have to empower vulnerable groups that is, women, young people and persons with disabilities to contribute to sustainable Peace through their full and meaningful representation and participation in governance at the local and national levels. Africa has to build strong democratic institutions that will ensure inclusion of all irrespective of class, status, colour, sex, gender, age, ability or disability. Inequalities represent a failure of democracy, governance and policies. Deepening inequalities produces extremists, radicals among other which are  detrimental sustainable peace any where in the world.  

FOSDA entreats all, especially government institutions to build societies where all citizens  thrive peacefully.  We also use this platform to appeal to the UN and state security institutions, agencies and services to do all in the power to address the current  rage of extremist and terrorist attacks .

FOSDA is determined to be a centre of excellence  for  in human security, development,  and social inclusion, We will continue to  monitor violent incidents and report on them bringing out ways to mitigate their effects, advocate for proper gun control and management. We will also continue to  advocate for  proper policy implementation that speak on the issues of vulnerable groups and empower the vulnerable through educative programming. .

We remain dedicated to building Peace and advancing human security and wish all a good International Day of Peace.

Theodora W. Anti

Executive Director

Contact No. 0205336268