The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) strongly condemns the alleged brutality visited on the people of Nuaso in the Lower Manya District on Monday 22nd August 2022 as reported in the Media. 

We are alarmed by the report that the soldiers who accompanied Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) officials to the community to fix prepaid meters ended up brutalising unarmed citizens, shooting at them and inflicting gunshot wounds on about 6 or more people.

 The alleged act of the military personnel is an unacceptable abuse and misuse of their powers and service. FOSDA, therefore calls for an independent investigation into the allegation and offenders sanctioned. We call on the Government and the Minister for National Security to conduct investigations as soon as possible. 

We believe that an investigation is important to minimise such future abuses and misuse of the powers and services of the Security agencies.

FOSDA intends to pursue this issue to a conclusive end.

Theodora W. Anti

Executive Director

Contact No. 0205336268