Honorable. Pius Hadzide, NNYOG held a National Accountability Forum in Accra on the 16th September, 2021. During plenary, the first and recurring question at the Forum was “How much has NYA received from the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) since 2017?”. The second question is “How has NYA utilized the 5% DACF to benefit young people in relation to section2 and 3 of ACT 939?” These were the demands from young people across the country who participated in the event. The NYA at this juncture must answer these two (2) questions to reinforce government commitment to transparency and accountability. The response from NYA will help NNYOG to dispel perceptions and viewpoints among youth networks that NYA has misapplied the 5% DACF it has received from government since 2017.

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