The Working Group on Women, Youth, Peace and Security (WGWYPS-GH) Ghana
chapter has noted with concern the alarming incidences of crime and criminal acts in
Ghana in recent times. A cursory look at media reportage in line with social media and
the mainstream media chronicles a litany of criminal activities with devastating
consequences on the general populace. A total of 495-armed robbery cases were recorded in the first
quarter of 2021,1 and we have started witnessing heightened armed robbery cases in the second
quarter with devastating consequences. More worrisome is the fact that these criminal gangs have
become more sophisticated in their acts, thus outwitting established security mechanisms and
evading justice. The group is also concerned with the rise in homicide cases and that of the defilement
of minors.
The escalation in criminal activities has prompted well-meaning Ghanaians and other concerned
groups, particularly civil society organizations, to demand accountability from government on its duty
to protect lives and properties of the citizenry. From the ongoing, it has become glaring that
government is not keeping to its promise of ensuring a secure environment where the citizens feel
safe and protected as enshrined in pillar 1 of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), which enjoins all
member states to protect its populations. The Responsibility to Protect is a global political
commitment which was endorsed by all member states of the United Nations at the 2005 World
The Group notes that the rise in criminal acts continue to impact women’s peace and security and
deepen violence against women. The Group further notes that women and youth have been worst hit
in these circumstances, not dimming the fact that they also have been perpetrators of some of the
criminal acts and have become easy prey to criminal minded people and groups for material
The Group hereby wishes to draw attention to this dire situation and joins other concerned Ghanaian
citizens, groups and organizations to urge government to deliver on their commitment to protect lives
and properties of its citizens. As the situation continues to escalate, some sections of the populace are
increasingly relying on vigilante groups and other alternative security mechanisms, which can
sometimes become counterproductive. Indeed, cases abound where the vigilante groups have lost
focus and became the perpetrators of crime themselves.
As we inch closer to marking the International Youth Day (IYD) on August 12, 2021, under the theme:
Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”, it has become
imperative to ensure that our youth are meaningfully engaged and participate fully in the promotion
of peace and stability in Ghana. This can only be achieved in a safe, secure and non-violent
This is a clarion call to government to as a matter of urgency put appropriate mechanisms in place to
safeguard the lives and properties of Ghanaian citizens. We urge government to keep our women and
girls safe, to engage the youth meaningfully through formal/vocational education and to make
available skill building and employment opportunities. This is our plea!
The Working Group on Women, Youth, Peace and Security in West Africa (WGWYPS-WA) was set up
by UNOWAS in 2009 with national chapters in all the Member States. WGWPS-WA is a platform for
exchange, coordination and harmonization of actions of CSOs, UN Agencies and other stakeholders in
the implementation of UNSCR 1325, 2250 and related resolutions. The Ghana chapter of the Working
Group (WGWYPS-GH) started about five years ago as an inclusive platform that seeks to build a world
of peace and security where women and youth are agents of conflict prevention and peace building
in the country. WANEP is presently, the convener of the Group, with members drawn from other civil
society organizations, government agencies, development partners, women and youth groups, faith based
and community-based organizations among others.

For enquiries, please contact the undersigned:
Mrs. Queeneth Tawo – 0540379186
Madam Euphemia Dzathor – 0244838532