FOSDA is concerned about the recent impasse at Wesley Girls’ High School, where the school prevented a Moslem student from observing the Ramadan Fast for various reasons. FOSDA is worried that the impasse has taken on a religious undertone and threatening the very foundation of the peace Ghana is enjoying and is known for. 

We are even more concerned about the entrenched positions by both pro-Christian and pro-Islam stakeholders to defend or condemn the actions of the school. This is a serious threat to the peace-coexistence among Christians and Moslems in Ghana.    

Peaceful co-existence among the two religions is one of the country’s strongest resilient factors against violent conflicts and violent extremism. It is important that all stakeholders, especially leaders of the two religions, work to sustain this resilience.

FOSDA is therefore calling on all stakeholders to avoid entrenched positions as efforts are made to find amicable and lasting solutions to the issue. It is important that all stakeholders analyze the situation objectively and from a long-term perspective for a sustainable solution.

We reiterate the call of the National Peace Council that all especially leaders of the various religious bodies to be circumspect in their utterance and be careful not to spread negative emotions about the two religions in question.

The Ghana Education Service must as a matter of urgency hold consultations to address the issue of school rules, systems and standards in the face of human rights guaranteed by the constitution as well as the changing values of society to avoid any avoidable conflict.

Theodora W. Anti

Programmes Manager