The entire management and staff of FOSDA writes to congratulate the newly elected Executives of The National Network of Youth Groups -NNYOG.

FOSDA also congratulates all other candidates who contested the elections, it does takes considerable courage, hard work and self-sacrifice for one to compete in an election and you all demonstrated that and we are proud of you.

As a Founding and Supporting Organization, FOSDA was impressed with the general interest, enthusiasm and the demand for accountability by the entire Network. Indeed, this was NNYOG’s maiden elections and as such, a trial of the constitution since it was adopted in 2019.

FOSDA has made copious observations on issues that came up during the electoral period and we are prepared to address them as soon as practicable with the Interim and Elected Executives as well as all other stakeholders. We therefore encourage everyone to continue with the good and hard work we put in towards the agenda of youth development and the demand for accountability.

To the Network, this is a moment to forge together, contribute our bit in our areas of expertise, ideas, effort and rally behind the elected executives to make an impact. Everyone is important in this agenda of youth development and no one should be left behind or sit behind.
Once again, to the newly elected executives, kudos and more grease to your elbows. The task does seem huge but we believe YOU CAN DO IT.

Your faithfully,
Theodora Ani Williams
Programmes Manager.